Our Church: St. Timothy's Today

Our Community Garden
continues to be a Huge Success

You don't need a green thumb to participate. So any parishioners who like outdoor activies are encouraged to get involved in some fashion. What a wonderful way to get to know fellow parishioners and to help in the community.

St. Timothy's Community Garden is open to all church members and friends with a purpose to grow and share produce among the members, and to the community where there is a need. We have three crop seasons; Spring, Summer and Fall, each with its own unique set of crops. Members participate in regular workdays to tend garden tasks.

Special associated activities includes canning and pickling produce for sale at the Lobster Fair. Also the fermentation of cabbage into Kraut, and making of Kimchi has added more group interaction among members. Other popular group activates are the potato/shrimp/corn boil when we dig the potatoes; a harvest/formation celebration in October; and more recently a St. Patrick's Day observance with Sheppard's pie and corned beef cabbage.

All are welcome to become a part of the group and take part in this wholesome activity.

Please Join our Garden Newsgroup so we can keep you informed about what's going on. Select here to add your e-mail. Otherwise send the office an e-mail and we'll add you to the list.


Time for the corn and potato boil