Consider Becoming A Member of St. Andrews

For the first five years I attended St Timothy's I had no idea what "The Brotherhood" that meet every Wednesday morning was. No one ever said anything about this group. I just saw on the church calendar that it met every Wednesday at 7:00 a.m. I thought you had to be invited or maybe there was some weekend you had to attend to complete something before being a part of the group. I just didn't know what it was.

The Brotherhood is actually the Brothers of St. Andrews. The St. Timothy Chapter meets every Wednesday morning at 7:00 a.m. in the Parish Hall. All men in any Episcopal or Orthodox Church in the Greenville area are invited to join. We have three main purposes, meet together to pray, study the Bible and be of service to the Church and community. An underlying theme is to prepare men to be good Christian leaders.

There are nine chapters in North Carolina and many more across the nation. National- ly there are nine different ministries that the Brothers of St. Andrew participate. We have been working at St. Timothy's to broaden the number of those ministries that we participate in.

The St. Timothy chapter has 20 members with eight to 12 members gathering every Wednesday morning. We cook breakfast, begin eating at 7:00 p.m., have an opening prayer and then usually have from five to 10 minutes of business before having about 40 minutes of Bible Study. We close at almost exactly 8:00 a.m. after a closing prayer. I must say that it is one of my favorite times of the week. It is a group that I feel very "safe" participating in. It is a special group of caring people who work to grow their Christian walk together. There are men from all different levels of Biblical knowledge and everyone is still searching for a better understanding. One difference in this men's Bible study group and others is that we place a lot of emphasis on putting what we learn about living a Christian life into action. Below are some of the action items going on in the Brotherhood.

Scouting is one of our missions. We just purchased a plaque of our Troop 46 to display the names of the 30 men who have earned the rank of Eagle. We joined with the church's Scouting Coordinator, Sharon Paoloni and the Hospitality Committee to have a Scout Sunday where everyone provided a potluck lunch to feed all the Scouts, leaders and Scout parents. We purchased the plaque, stressed the need to provide food and recruited the speaker, Wayne Brock, Chief Scout Executive for the BSA. I believe over 220 individuals attended the service, larger than Easter or Christmas attendance. The Brotherhood has also agreed to purchase a plaque to display the names of those Girl Scouts in the unit that meets at our church who have earned the Gold Award.

Reaching Out To Veterans - The Brotherhood insures stability to the Veterans group that meets at Cypress Glenn by guaranteeing that if Brother Jerry Hopfengardner is ever unable to lead the group, then we will provide a leader until they can recruit another member to carry on. Jack Robertson is our liaison to this important group.

Service To St. Timothy's - Presently we are doing research to provide an additional screen for the parish hall. The brotherhood works with the Hospitality Committee and others to set up the physical arrangements for activities in the parish hall.

Service to Youth - We try keep a close eye on our youth program and provide physical equipment when they have needs. They have requested a basketball goal be erected at St. Timothy's. We are actively researching basketball goals and the best location. The Brotherhood will also purchase several basketballs.

Building Men Into Leaders - Thanks to Brother Frank Cassiano offering his beach cot- tage, the Brotherhood Chapter will be holding Men's Brotherhood Chapter Retreat at Surf City during Memorial Day. Spouses are also invited to attend. We will have some sessions, free time for couples and other times when all spouses and husbands will be together.

Building the Brotherhood - Our St. Timothy's Chapter has agreed to travel to Durham and organize a Chapter at the parish that Jimmy Myers has moved. We are also invit- ing all men that attend St. Timothy's to be a part of our chapter.

Think Tank For Change and Growth - Because we gather to talk, and have a deep love for St. Timothy's, many new ideas for projects, new programs and other ideas find their birth at Brotherhood of St. Andrews meetings. Again, we invite you to come and be part of that process.

Leadership - Presently I serve as the director and president. Jim Williams is the Vice President. Frank Crawley is our secretary and Tom Harwell is our treasurer. Every member is considered to be an important member.

- Ray Franks