Children's Ministries

At St. Timothy's Episcopal Church we treasure each child as a gift from God and, therefore; seek to include them as full participants in the church's common life of prayer, witness, and service. It is our sincere hope that through our children's programs, we are helping to lay the foundation upon which a lifetime of faith is built. We are grateful to all those who entrust their children to us for this purpose. We invite all children from any faith tradition to come and discover the joy of the Christian faith as expressed in the worship, Christian education, and fellowship of the Episcopal Church. For more information on any of these programs, please contact Debbie Lichti, the Director of Children's Formation, at (252) 355-2125.

Sunday Class @ 9:15 in the Education Building

We begin, promptly, in the Ed. 8 room with our Children's Choir. Our class time follows immediately after our music formation. We will provide a small snack before the 10:15 service. Donít forget that adult education is also at 9:15 am, so we hope you will plan to either attend the adult class, or to help with the children's class.

This semester we will have the children raise money for outreach with the Episcopal Relief and Developmentís animal husbandry project. We will chart our progress on the bulletin board in the Ed. 8 room and each child will decorate a coin collector the first day of class, September 17th.

Additionally, we plan to use the WorkshopCycles curriculum, which is a rotation style model where we visit the same concept for several weeks with different learning approaches each week. Each lesson has already been planned and will just need someone to help bring it to life! We hope that you will be able to look over the class schedule and find a few Sundays that fit your schedule and interests, to volunteer to help during the class time.