The Vestry meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month, except in July. A retreat is held in January or February.

Twelve parishioners serve for 3 year terms. Along with the Rector, Clerk to the Vestry and Treasurer, these members plan, work, and pray to the glory of God and the hope of tomorrow. We are all blessed.

For 2018, the Vestry has identified several areas of emphasis. Please assist them in achieving results towards these goals.

  • *   Communication: Enhance our ability to communicate to our members,
        visitors, staff, and community. .
  • *   Leadership: Broaden and deepen our parish leadership.
  • *   Partnerships: Build relationships with our community.
  • *   Worship: Invest in meaningful and excellent worship.
  • *   Growth: Identify and pursue opportunities to grow in number within
        our church community as well asthat will allow for growth in impact.


Jamie Kirby

Senior Warden

Chuck Widney

Junior Warden

Kristine Kelly-Salamon


David Geissler


Valerie Foster


Judy Tucker

Christian Formation

Dianne Hatfield

Kelly Cassiano

Francis Johnson

Jamie Kirby

Youth Ministry

Nancy Leamy

Angela Mallette

Open and Welcoming

Tommy Tucker

Clerk to the Vestry

John Lennox