Meet the Rector

In October of 2017, the Vestry of St Timothy’s Episcopal Church called the Reverend John M Porter-Acee, III as the fourth Rector in the church's 38 year history.

John Porter-Acee was previously an Associate at Christ Church in Charlotte, N.C., serving since 2005 first as Associate for Youth Ministry and more recently as Associate for Spiritual Formation and Program Development.

John is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a BA in Economics and Virginia Theological Seminary with a Masters Degree in Divinity. He was ordained in the Dioceses of East Carolina and has remained active in youth programing at Trinity Center.

John and his wife, Whitney, have two children: Jack, who is 9 and Lou, who is 8. They enjoy the outdoors, sports, good food, and the beaches Down East!

Below is the text from John Porter-Acee's letter to the Vestry when he accepted the call to St Timothy's

Good people of St. Timothy’s, how I wish I were with you so that you could receive all of the message that I hope to convey, just by looking at my blushing face, beaming smile, and teary eyes. Instead I am left with words to try to explain the mysteries of longing, love, and the Holy Spirit.

Around 16 months ago, my wife and I started to experience a longing for more. We were not sure how to respond because we both loved our jobs, our home, and most of the things that surrounded our lives. Over the course of the last 8 months, Whitney and I have explored the possibility of making a new home with several churches all over the Southeast. All of the interviews, and search committees have been almost exactly the same and extremely exhausting. All of them except for one.

On Sunday August 7th, I met your search committee. We laughed and talked and prayed together over SKYPE. I felt like we had known each other for years and even tried to convince a few members of the committee that we had, in fact, met before. The journey from longing to loving had already begun, and of course, the Holy Spirit was right there with us the whole time.

Whitney and I were looking for our next home. Other churches tried to impress us with steak dinners and fancy wine, but St. Timothy’s stole our hearts with B’s Barbeque and Cheddar Biscuits from the Poor Man’s Flea Market. We sat and had conversations with real, good, people, over plates of real, good food. No one put on airs or hid behind masks. We showed each other who we were and who we wanted to become, and the Holy Spirit was right there with us the whole time beginning to build us a new home.

Sunday October the 16th was three days before the Vestry of St. Timothy’s would issue a call for me to be your rector but it was the morning I believe I officially accepted the call to be your rector from the Holy Spirit. I had been dreaming, and around 4 or 5AM, I woke myself up from a deep sleep, sobbing with my whole body shaking. I had dreamed the Vestry said yes, and my family had all decided to accept. I was overcome with gratitude and began to sob in the dream and it poured over into real life as well. I am even tearing up now as I am typing this.

Your search committee and your vestry believe that I am called to come and live, worship, and serve among you. I can say without any hesitation that every fiber of my being responds with a resounding “Yes, I also believe I am so called!” I CANNOT WAIT to arrive and see how our lives together will spread the good news, and love of Jesus to the world around us. And I arrive just in time for Epiphany, which is exactly what that season is for. I eagerly await this Epiphany and all of the other seasons that we will come to share together!!

With great humility, joy and wonder,

John M. Porter-Acee III